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The fox and the cat
Grimm Märchen

The fox and the cat - Fairy Tale by the Brothers Grimm

Reading time for children: 2 min

It happened that the cat met the fox in a forest, and as she thought to herself, „He is clever and full of experience, and much esteemed in the world,“ she spoke to him in a friendly way. „Good-day, dear Mr. Fox, how are you? How is all with you? How are you getting through this dear season?“ The fox, full of all kinds of arrogance, looked at the cat from head to foot, and for a long time did not know whether he would give any answer or not. At last he said, „Oh, thou wretched beard-cleaner, thou piebald fool, thou hungry mouse-hunter, what canst thou be thinking of? Dost thou venture to ask how I am getting on? What hast thou learnt? How many arts dost thou understand?“ – „I understand but one,“ replied the cat, modestly. „What art is that?“ asked the fox. „When the hounds are following me, I can spring into a tree and save myself.“ – „Is that all?“ said the fox. „I am master of a hundred arts, and have into the bargain a sackful of cunning. Thou makest me sorry for thee; come with me, I will teach thee how people get away from the hounds.“ Just then came a hunter with four dogs. The cat sprang nimbly up a tree, and sat down on top of it, where the branches and foliage quite concealed her. „Open your sack, Mr. Fox, open your sack,“ cried the cat to him, but the dogs had already seized him, and were holding him fast. „Ah, Mr. Fox,“ cried the cat. „You with your hundred arts are left in the lurch! Had you been able to climb like me, you would not have lost your life.“

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Informations for scientific analysis

Fairy tale statistics
NumberKHM 75
Aarne-Thompson-Uther-IndexATU Typ 105
Translations deutsch
Readability Index by Björnsson21.8
Flesch-Reading-Ease Index94.6
Flesch–Kincaid Grade-Level2.8
Gunning Fog Index5.6
Coleman–Liau Index6.8
SMOG Index6.4
Automated Readability Index2.3
Character Count1.491
Letter Count1.119
Sentence Count26
Word Count291
Average Words per Sentence11,19
Words with more than 6 letters31
Percentage of long words10.7%
Number of Syllables347
Average Syllables per Word1,19
Words with three Syllables8
Percentage Words with three Syllables2.7%

Image sources: © Andrea Danti / Shutterstock

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