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The sole
Grimm Märchen

The sole - Fairy Tale by the Brothers Grimm

Reading time for children: 2 min

The fishes had for a long time been discontented because no order prevailed in their kingdom. None of them turned aside for the others, but all swam to the right or the left as they fancied, or darted between those who wanted to stay together, or got into their way; and a strong one gave a weak one a blow with its tail, which drove it away, or else swallowed it up without more ado. „How delightful it would be,“ said they, „if we had a king who enforced law and justice among us!“ and they met together to choose for their ruler, the one who could cleave through the water most quickly, and give help to the weak ones. They placed themselves in rank and file by the shore, and the pike gave the signal with his tail, on which they all started. Like an arrow, the pike darted away, and with him the herring, the gudgeon, the perch, the carp, and all the rest of them. Even the sole swam with them, and hoped to reach the winning-place. All at once, the cry was heard, „The herring is first!“ – „Who is first?“ screamed angrily the flat envious sole, who had been left far behind, „who is first?“ – „The herring! The herring,“ was the answer. „The naked herring?“ cried the jealous creature, „the naked herring?“ Since that time the sole’s mouth has been at one side for a punishment.

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Informations for scientific analysis

Fairy tale statistics
NumberKHM 172
Aarne-Thompson-Uther-IndexATU Typ 250A
Translations deutsch
Readability Index by Björnsson28.9
Flesch-Reading-Ease Index84.9
Flesch–Kincaid Grade-Level5.4
Gunning Fog Index8.1
Coleman–Liau Index8.2
SMOG Index7.9
Automated Readability Index5.8
Character Count1.285
Letter Count984
Sentence Count15
Word Count241
Average Words per Sentence16,07
Words with more than 6 letters31
Percentage of long words12.9%
Number of Syllables301
Average Syllables per Word1,25
Words with three Syllables10
Percentage Words with three Syllables4.1%

Image sources: © Andrea Danti / Shutterstock

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